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Transforming students’ learning experience

The Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est is a long-time leader in the field of education and is recognized for developing strategies to transform its students’ learning experience. The CECCE leverages student engagement to help them master the skills they need to thrive in our 21st-century world.  

In 2014, the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE) adopted a renewed strategic vision to guide its decisions until 2018. Transforming the learning experience is a pivotal priority in the new vision.


The following five areas of action were identified as key to transforming students’ learning experience :

  • New emerging pedagogies

  • Integrating technology into the curriculum

  • Planning and adapting learning environments

  • Leadership

  • Student well-being

A collaborative session to validate the CECCE’s approach to transforming students’ learning experience confirmed that it is on the right track. On March 3, 2016, the CECCE gathered 100 experts, both internal and external, in Ottawa for half a day of dialogue about transforming the learning experience.


The collaborative validation session was moderated by Michael Fullan, a luminary in the field of education in Ontario, premiers’ education advisor, and author of books on change and leadership.


The CECCE assembled a panel of experts in Ottawa that included Thierry Karsenti, Lucy West, Peter Skillen, Jacques Cool, Brenda Sherry, Marius Bourgeoys, Janine Griffore, William Burton and Heidi Siwak. In order to bring as much expertise and as many points of view to the table as possible, the following panelists from around the world participated virtually: Will Richardson, Sylvia Martinez, John Carver, Dr. Chris Dede, Alec Couros and Garfield Gini-Newman. The CECCE also gathered suggestions from many other education professionals and experts to critique the five areas of action.

A full video of the validation session is available. In addition to the live webcast, there was simultaneous interpretation, so three versions of the video are available: bilingual, French, and English.


Bilingual video



French video


English video

Together for
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