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Questions and Answers


1) What is a preconcentration?

A preconcentration introduces students in grades 7 and 8 to an area of interest, enabling them to gain skills and knowledge in that area.

2) What is a concentration?

A concentration gives students in grades 9 through 12 the opportunity to explore an area of interest in greater depth and learn skills related to that subject area. Students enrolled in concentrations take specialized courses related to their concentration and participate in activities and projects that enable them to grow as individuals and develop the skills they need to succeed in post-secondary education.

3) What are the benefits of enrolling in a concentration?

  • Gain priority access to the school’s Specialist High Skills Major (recognized by the Ministry of Education) ;
  • Engage in knowledge acquisition and inquiry-based learning ;
  • Gain enhanced access to education beyond the school ;
  • Master subject-specific concepts ;
  • Engage in real-world and augmented reality learning through authentic tasks ; and
  • Become an ethical citizen, a curious and informed investigator, a critical and creative thinker, and a bold communicator.

4) What is a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)?

What is it?

The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program lets students focus on a career path that matches their skills and interests while meeting the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Students receive the SHSM seal on their diploma when they:

  • Complete a specific bundle of 8 to 10 courses in a selected field ;
  • Earn valuable industry certifications including first aid and CPR qualifications ; and
  • Gain important skills on the job through cooperative education placements.
Who are these career-focused programs for?

Grade 11 and 12 students who are:

  • Heading for apprenticeship training, the workplace, college or university ;
  • Wanting to identify, explore and refine their career goals and make informed choices about their next steps after secondary school.

5) What are the benefits of enrolling in a SHSM?

  • Learn through a variety of projects that involve the use of media materials ;
  • Explore a field of study ;
  • Participate in reach-ahead opportunities at post-secondary institutions ;
  • Obtain certifications such as SIMDUT, CPR, first aid and FIT ;
  • Attend specialized training and workshops.

6) What are FOCUS programs?

FOCUS programs offer a unique opportunity to explore a career and develop expertise through a package of courses that focus on a specific profession or area of interest. Students earn compulsory or optional credits that count toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

FOCUS programs enable students in grade 11 or 12 to:

  • Accumulate four or five credits ;
  • Acquire practical experience in a specific field ;
  • Obtain certifications ; and
  • Explore their passions.

7) Who is eligible for school transportation?

Students residing within their high school’s attendance boundaries are eligible for school transportation if the distance from their home to their school is greater than 2.5 km in grade 7 and 8 and 3.0 km in grades 9 to 12. Arrangements may be made for high school students enrolled in certain specialized programs. For details, please check with your school.

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