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Teacher from École élémentaire catholique Élisabeth-Bruyère receives the Laurier education stakeholder of the year award

February 17, 2017, OTTAWA - The Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE) is proud to congratulate Valérie Meilleur for winning the Laurier intervenante en éducation de l’année (Laurier education stakeholder of the year) award at the 17th annual BernardGrandmaître awards gala held last night at the Aviation Museum in Ottawa.

Valérie Meilleur’s nomination was self-evident for the CECCE, since Miss Meilleur, a teacher at École élémentaire catholique Élisabeth-Bruyère, is an example to students at the school and to the francophone community at large.​

“In schools, there are some people whose enthusiasm, passion and dynamism are contagious, and who spread energy to those around them: Miss Meilleur is one of them. As a teacher and assistant cultural facilitator at the elementary level, Miss Meilleur is the source of a number of activities that promote the French language and francophone culture in the École Élisabeth-Bruyère school community. She is always attentive to her students, and successfully motivates them through her authenticity, humour and joie de vivre.  She is committed to a sense of pride in and belonging to francophone culture in all her initiatives. As a devotee of cultural approaches to teaching, she knows how to convey her passion for Franco-Ontarian culture to her students,” said Johanne Lacombe, Chair of the CECCE.

The CECCE would also like to acknowledge the nomination of Catherine Despatie, a student at Collège catholique Franco-Ouest, in the Laurier CECCE jeunesse de l’année (Laurier CECCE youth of the year) category. Her involvement in francophone life at school, and her commitment to student government and to the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est fill the CECCE with pride and make her a truly inspiring role model for young francophones everywhere.

The CECCE’s director of education, Réjean Sirois, was very pleased by the recognition given to Valérie Meilleur at the Bernard-Grandmaître awards gala. “Many of the students and staff members at the CECCE’s schools are actively involved in outreach within the francophone community, so I’m thrilled when some of them are recognized by their peers and the wider community for their involvement.”

These awards, presented by the Association des communautés francophones d’Ottawa (ACFO), pay tribute to people who have had an impact on the francophone community in the national capital region through their commitment and leadership in promoting and developing the Franco-Ontarian community, and highlight the personal and professional achievements of individuals, as well as their social engagement with francophone identity.

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