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French-language Catholic school boards in Ontario proudly celebrate their 20th anniversary

Ontario, September 5th, 2017 — At the dawn of their 20th anniversary, the French-language Catholic school boards in Ontario are proudly celebrating the progress made.

For over 230 years, French-language Catholic schools have remained a social and cultural pillar of Francophone Ontario. Since their beginning in 1998, French-language Catholic school boards have pursued this long tradition of excellence.

Under the leadership of the eight French-language Catholic school boards, Catholic schools have reached a place of honour in the Ontario school system. In particular, they stand out by the superior achievement  of their students, their high graduation rate and their holistic approach aimed at the development of the student in every aspect of his or her being. Their unique character and their achievements, made possible by the dedication of the staff and community support, helps them to offer their students the best French-language education in Ontario.   

"We are very proud to be able to tell parents that the choice they have made for their children is the best one possible. With us, they have the assurance of a superior quality education that meets the needs of the child, and that, on every level. We have the right to be proud!" exclaimed Jean Lemay, President of the Association franco-ontarienne des conseils scolaires catholiques (AFOCSC).


          •   Superior academic results

          •   Highest graduation rate

          •   Recognized for its quality of teaching

          •   The choice of 7 Francophone parents out of 10


"The 20th anniversary of our school boards provides us with an opportunity to celebrate our achievements and thank staff and partners who every day, keep French-language Catholic schools up to the high expectations of the parents," stressed  Lorraine Presley, President of the Conseil ontarien des directions de l’éducation catholiques (CODEC) "Seven Francophone parents out of ten choose a Catholic school. We thank them for their confidence."

Thus, with the support of the parents, the Catholic school is preparing competent and altruistic 21st century citizens, ready to meet the challenges of modern society and contribute to it in a positive way through their Christian and Francophone leadership, according to the expectations and hopes stated in the Frame of Reference of Students in Ontario Catholic Schools (CREECO).

Recognition Tour

The eight French-language Catholic school boards and the Franco-Ontarian Association of Catholic School Boards join forces to highlight the exceptional work and dedication of their school communities by means of a Recognition Tour to be undertaken in October. This initiative will provide the opportunity to thank and publicly recognize two individuals from each school board who have made a difference in their French language Catholic school, either through their actions, their professionalism or their generosity.  

The public is invited to visit for more information on the exclusive advantages offered by a French-language Catholic education and to follow the Recognition Tour.

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