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CECCE formalizes agreement with Académie de Lyon in Paris

May 17, 2016, OTTAWA – Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE) officials are currently visiting France’s Académie de Lyon to strengthen existing ties between the two and confirm their interest in pursuing further collaboration over the coming years.

The primary purpose of the  CECCE’s Lyon visit is to lay the foundation for cooperative programs such as twinning, teacher exchanges, ongoing staff education, and the professional, linguistic and cultural development of students.

Académie Lyon and the CECCE will focus on three areas of cooperation: safe and caring schools, managing improvement, and including students with special needs. Secondary elements, such as teacher exchanges and virtual class-to-class exchanges to work on sustainable development projects, will also be discussed.

“The CECCE’s mission in France will enable it to learn more about its French counterparts’  initiatives in the field of education. Highly constructive pedagogical exchanges on various subjects have taken place so far, and the CECCE is very excited about this new collaboration with the Académie de Lyon,” said CECCE Chair, Johanne Lacombe.

The Académie de Lyon’s academic representative for European and international relations and cooperation, Christian Caron, visited Canada’s capital and, on March 1, the CECCE and the Académie de Lyon signed a partnership agreement in Ottawa. Tours of CECCE schools enabled the French delegation to confirm that there are plenty of commonalities they would like to work on together.

“This collaboration is extremely valuable to the CECCE. Some of the challenges surfacing in France are similar to what the CECCE is dealing with here, so both organizations can share knowledge to generate new ideas. We sincerely thank the Académie de Lyon staff members who generously took the time learn about the CECCE’s vision for education,” said Réjean Sirois, CECCE Director of Education.

This mission to France is part of an initiative of the Fédération nationale des conseils scolaires francophones, which represents French-language school boards in Canada outside Quebec, and the Regroupement national des directions générales de l'éducation, which fosters opportunities for partnerships in France.

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