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CECCE Engages Internationally, Signs Cooperation Agreement with Catholic School Board in Morbihan, Brittany, France

November 9, 2017, OTTAWA - The Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE) is once again engaging with international partners by signing a cooperation agreement with the Direction diocésaine de l’Enseignement catholique du Morbihan in Brittany, France. This agreement will enable institutions in both partner countries to share experience, knowledge, and teaching and learning methods and materials with each other.

“The Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est, which is known throughout Ontario as a leader in transforming the learning experience, sees this as a golden opportunity for education professionals to share ideas about teaching from North American French Catholic and Breton perspectives,” said Johanne Lacombe, CECCE Chair. “The CECCE is proud to be creating this network with our Breton counterparts so that we can not only share best practices being used in our schools, but also foster dialogue and draw inspiration from what is going on elsewhere in the world. This collaboration with the Direction diocésaine du Morbihan in Brittany will also help us innovate and transform how we do things here so that we can enable students to learn differently while ensuring their success and well-being,” she added.

The CECCE is thrilled with this agreement, whose primary objective is to enhance each board’s knowledge and understanding of the other’s education system. The agreement between the CECCE and Enseignement catholique du Morbihan will encourage collaboration, coaching, consultation, and sharing of expertise in managing and delivering services to students. It will also enable staff from both boards to participate in a variety of professional development opportunities and will make exchange and study opportunities available to students through a number of bilateral programs.

“We are pleased at the prospect of sharing ideas and collaborating on training with the CECCE. Although our organizations differ somewhat, we face similar challenges when it comes to the educational experience, mobilizing teachers to achieve success and excellence for all, and adapting the Church’s message for young people. We are very impressed with how professional and dynamic the CECCE is,” said Stéphane Gouraud, head of the Direction diocésaine de l’Enseignement catholique du Morbihan, which comprises 243 preschool and elementary school institutions, 45 middle schools (collèges) and 21 high schools (lycées) for a total of 70,000 students representing about 50% of the students in the Morbihan department.

“The CECCE is proud to be sharing its expertise with partners in Europe and opening the door to new possibilities,” said Réjean Sirois, CECCE​ Director of Education. “Signing this type of agreement encourages CECCE staff to participate in training opportunities related to pedagogy, methodology, and religious education so they can hone their learning experience transformation skills. The CECCE has a lot to gain from this collaboration and knowledge sharing opportunity, and we are particularly interested in learning more about specializations in Breton schools.”

This is not the CECCE’s first foray into sharing knowledge and expertise. In February, the board signed a cooperation agreement with four Belgian diocesan education centres.

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