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Budget 2015-2016: A Budget that Optimizes Resources

Thursday, June 4, 2015 OTTAWA — During their regular meeting on June 2, Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE) trustees approved a $316.6 million balanced budget for the coming school year. The budget is $6.3 million (2%) greater than the 2014-15 budget because enrolment at CECCE schools is expected to increase by 370 students for the coming school year.

The budget takes into account $3.7 million in budget cuts that have been absorbed by reduced budgets outside the classroom. No jobs will be cut.
Here are the highlights of the 2015-2016 budget:

Hiring 38 people to better meet students’ needs

Budget 2015-16 includes the hiring of 38 additional staff members, including 25 teachers, 2 principals and vice-principals, 4 school secretaries, 1.8 janitors, 1 community relations officer, 1 early childhood officer, 0.5 social worker and 0.2 library technician. In addition, 2.5 positions have been created to support the opening of the new École secondaire catholique Paul-Desmarais (Fernbank, Ottawa), the new secondary school in Orléans, and the new elementary school in Avalon West (Orléans).

A balanced budget concentrating on four priorities

The budget planning process was guided by the four priority performance objectives for the coming school year. Here are the main expenses associated with the 2015-16 annual priorities:

1.       Closing performance gaps

-          $1,6 million for the strategy to support lower-performing schools

-          $1,8 million to support literacy and numeracy

-          $1,4 million to support special education teachers and educators

2.       Providing a caring and safe school environment

-          $704,000 for a caring and safe school environment

-          $140,000 for the mental health strategy

-          $140,000 for safety equipment in elementary schools

-          $10,000 for concussion prevention and treatment


3.       Supporting the development of students’ francophone Catholic identity

-       $404,000 to support teaching staff

-       $336,000 for cultural activities in schools

-       $170,000 for the Catholic vision and caring strategy

4.       Recruiting and retaining more students

-       $225,000 to develop the international strategy

-       $150,000 for recruitment, retention and awareness campaigns

-       $80,000 for the bilingualism program

Other organizational initiatives

-       $8.4 million for the Strategy for French-Language Learners and Newcomers
-       $1.5 million for early childhood
-       $1.2 million to train teaching staff
-       $595,000 for specialized secondary school programs
-       $400,000 for sustainable development
-       $322,800 to maintain 6 positions to support the use of technology in learning
-       $260,000 to modernize libraries for the digital age
-       $100,000 to implement pedagogy innovation projects in schools

“This budget is the result of rigorous efforts to optimize our resources for student success and well-being,” said Denis Poirier, CECCE Chair. “It will enable us to pursue our quest for excellence.”

“This year especially, we are proud of our success in maintaining programs and services focused on student success and well-being despite budget challenges,” said Bernard Roy, CECCE Director of Education. “This is a balanced budget that will meet students’ needs while fulfilling ministry requirements.”

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