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Access to information act

Access to Information Procedure

The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter M.56 (MFIPPA) gives citizens the right to access information controlled by certain provincial institutions, including Ontario school boards, subject to some exceptions stipulated in the legislation. The MFIPPA also contains provisions with respect to protecting the privacy of personal information held by school boards, including the collection, utilization, disclosure, retention, and deletion of personal information.

The Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (“CECCE”) intends to ensure that:
  • It implements throughout its operations a policy of public openness and access to the documents it holds, subject to some provisions of the MFIPPA, the Education Act, and other applicable legislative provisions;
  • The Director of Education and Secretary of the CECCE delegates responsibility for the management and safekeeping of these documents to an access to information and protection of privacy coordinator.
There are two main objectives of the MFIPPA, namely to:
  • Render public organizations more transparent and responsible by making their documents accessible to the public;
  • Protect individuals’ privacy by regulating the collection, utilization, communication, and retention of their personal information.

The MFIPPA applies to documents that the CECCE possesses or controls. School boards are required to make certain documents accessible upon request, unless the document or part thereof is subject to an exception under the legislation or unless the access to information request is deemed frivolous or vexatious.

A duly completed and signed access to information request is generally processed within 30 days of reception by the Office of the Access to Information Coordinator, unless the processing time must be extended.  When the Access to Information Coordinator responds to a request, she informs the requester whether she will or will not grant access to the requested document(s) in whole or in part. If the access in question is granted, the requester may, by appointment, consult the disclosed documents on site. Alternatively, the coordinator makes arrangements to reproduce the documents and forward them to the requester.


Access to information requests must be submitted in writing on the duly completed application form along with the applicable fee. You may obtain a copy of the request form by contacting the Office of the Access to Information Coordinator at 613-744-2555 or by clicking on the link below to download the access to information request form directly:



Check the appropriate box corresponding to the reason for your request:

  • To consult your personal information (or that of a child under age 16 over whom you have legal custody);
  • To consult the CECCE’s general files;
  • To request a correction.

If you wish to consult or correct your personal information, please supply the family name that appears in our files if it differs from the family name that appears at a later point on the form.


Please supply your family name and given name. Supply your full mailing address and the telephone numbers where you can be reached during the day in case further information on your request is needed. If you have a fax or an email address, please supply that information in the indicated space.

Details of request

1) Please describe as accurately as possible the documents you are seeking. The more specific your request, the more quickly it will be processed and the more closely the results will meet your expectations. If you need more space, continue your description on a separate sheet and attach it to your form.

2) If your request concerns your personal information, supply your full name, any other name that you may have previously used, and any ID number associated with your files (e.g. employee or student number or other). If your request concerns someone else’s personal information, you must supply this person’s written consent unless they are a child under age 16 over whom you have legal custody.

3) You may go to the CECCE’s offices to consult the files or may ask for a copy to be sent to you. Please check the appropriate box.

4) Sign and date the form.

5) A $5 fee is charged for information of a general nature, payable by cheque to the order of the CECCE. If the total cost of processing a request exceeds $100, the CECCE will supply an estimate before proceeding. The requester must pay 50% of the total cost of processing the request before the CECCE will begin the research. You may pay the above fee in cash or by cheque or bank draft to the order of the CECCE.

6) Send your application with the required fee to the:

Access to Information Coordinator

Office of the Director of Education and Secretary

Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est

4000 Labelle Street

Ottawa ON  K1J 1A1

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